Case Study 'Rasel'

Rasel is free from the Hell

Case Study: A taste of Salvation
School visit and providing lessons were the successful activity in the year. EKOTA Women’s Development Program (Dhaka) visited 10 schools in the slum areas. Most of the schools’ teacher and student accepted it heartily and promised to make awareness among the community from their own house. 13 years of old student Named Rasel, of Khajurbag School shared his terrible experience of trafficking before about 6 years. He was aged 6 or 7 and was playing with his younger brother beside the factory where his mother was working. His father is not with them. One unknown person asked him with a chocolate and took away. He was sent to the Saudi Arab and used as a Jockey. The king of Arabia decided to send back 500 Bangladeshi children who were forced to use as a Jockey for the camel race in the desert. He came back in the group and his mother received him. Now he is reading in class four but he becomes afraid when he remembers the nightmare and shared with others. His classmates are well aware about the traffickers. Source : EKOTA, Dhaka urban project, SHALOM, Bangladesh.