Success Story 'Nargis'

Nargis is a member of Begumgonj EKOTA Women group since 1995. The group consists of 28 members. They discuss on various issues with the help of the community organiser in the monthly group meeting. They save money in their group account. At present Nargis has Taka 13,000 personal savings.

She is physically disabled from her birth. But she did not want to be burden of her family. She took loan from the office and bought a sewing machine and she started business with the help of her neighbours. After that she took another loan and ran a small business of cake making with her younger brother . She made profit and recovered the received loan. She took the other loan from the group and continued the small trades and made profit from that .As a result, her daily income is 200 to 250. In a word , she is active and earning member of the family and she leads a happy life and overcome her misery.

Source:   Project Name- SHALOM, EKOTA Dhaka.   Programmes Name- Livelihood Development, Group-Dhaka Begumgonj EKOTA women Group