Success Story 'Mina'

‘Mina’ is a name of struggling and surviving

Mina Akhtar. She lives in the slum of Dhaka city. She got five sisters. They don’t have brothers. Their parents are living under the poverty line and they could not afford the children well.

As a teen Mina fell in love with the neighboring rich young man. The young man family did not permit them to marry. But they married and rented a house to live together after registry marriage.

The young man was the only son of his parents so he began to visit the parents for their property. The parents encouraged the son to leave his wife as she is from a poor family. So the young man got chance to marry second time, leaving the first wife Mina Akhtar. Mina had to come back her parent’s house. She tried to contact her husband but failed.

However, Mina communicated with EKOTA. So EKOTA tried to contact the young man and his family about the affairs and about her rights. He only drew his attention when he got the 4th and final notice from the arbitrator/solicitor. Then the arbitration started. Even though, Mina wanted to live with her husband with the 2nd wife of the man but the man didn’t allow.

Then Mina filed a case on a court for her rights and Justice. The case lasted for 3 years. The contract of marriage was weak and she got some settlement and a little compensation order. The man refused to pay because he was under age and had no earning of his own when he married the girl. Alternatively the man was prepared to go to jail for 6 months. Mina was on EKOTA Shelter for almost 2 and 1/2 Years. During her stay at the shelter Mina received several types of training, embroidery and tailoring. She returned to her parent’s house when the court case ended. Eventually, this was another nightmare that her father and mother died one after other as she returned home from the asylum.

She needed to care for the other 2 younger teenager sisters. The shelter gave her a sewing machine. Meanwhile, she joined the EKOTA groups. She traveled from far away to the EKOTA meetings. She accompanied 3 more members to the group from her area of living. She trains other group members on embroidery and tailoring as well as her sisters. She takes her regular work order from the shopping centers since she produces quality commodity. She got a loan of BDT 10,000 (ten thousands) from the EKOTA women’s groups.

Mina became a trainer on tailoring and embroidery. She trained 25 women and girls. Now 25 girls are being benefited from Mina’s Skills. She is self employed and lives with dignity. She has gained her voice and can stand firmly.